Complete the form and submit for an ADP Sales Associate to call the prospect/client back, within 24 hours - unless the caller is a prospect with less than 50 employees – then follow the warm transfer instructions at the bottom of this form

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**Additional Instructions for Small Business Prospects starting March 15, 2017:
If the caller is not an ADP Client and they have less than 50 employee’s please complete the following steps during regular Business hours (8:30am to 8:00pm EST). Otherwise please revert to the standard process for existing clients and companies with more than 50 employees.

- I will have an ADP Associate contact you shortly or
- I will now transfer your call to one of our Sales representatives – please hold the line

Step 1: Transfer the call to the appropriate number based on size and location:
1-888-245-1564 – for prospects in the Ottawa Region or Province of Quebec
1-888-219-4251 – for prospects in other regions under 25 employees
1-888-214-2183 – for all other prospects up to 49 employees
Step 2: Ensure that you have indicated Yes on the Warm Transfer Question above and indicate the name of the ADP Associate you spoke with in the Warm Transfer ADP Associate field.
Step 3:If a Sales person doesn’t answer the transferred call, Thank the caller and inform them that their call will be returned shortly (within 1 business day) and submit the completed form indicating No on the Warm Transfer Question.